The Royal Flush Casino Heist, Las Vegas - Self Guided Experience

In this ultimate Vegas experience, you’ll explore some of the most iconic spots on the strip while piecing together a perplexing mystery.

About The Royal Flush Casino Heist:

Discover the Las Vegas Strip as detectives solving a heinous crime. The Royal Flush Casino was robbed last night, and it’s your job as detectives to identify the culprit. In this self-guided experience, you'll work in teams to investigate the evidence: a case briefing, suspect list and multiple clues tied to Las Vegas art and decor. The clues and brain teasers connected to the hotels and casinos will reveal information about the key suspects and their motives. The team that's able to get the most correct answers and identify the culprit wins! 

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Where does the scavenger hunt take place? 

We want you to get a taste of the most memorable hotels and casinos on the strip, so we've packed lots of stops into the game. Here are some of the destinations you’ll see while solving the mystery: The Palazzo, The Venetian, The Forum Shops at Caesars, Paris Hotel, The Bellagio, The Cosmopolitan, New York-New York, and Luxor Hotel. Be prepared for lots of walking!

How does this self-guided experience work?

Once you purchase a ticket, you'll receive an email containing your unique links. The investigation will start at The Palazzo Hotel, Las Vegas. When you are at or close to this location, you'll click on the link/s in the email to begin your self-guided adventure using your smartphones.

How long is the scavenger hunt? 

3 continuous hours, or a half day self-guided excursion with meals and sightseeing stops.

What’s the ticket price?

The base price is $30, which grants you access to the game from 2 separate devices. If you are playing as a larger team and want more people to have access to the game from their smartphones, you may add more players at a cost of $15 per additional device. 

What days and times are available for playing? 

Any day, any time!

I’m planning an event for families. Is the scavenger hunt appropriate for children? 

Yes! Kids who are 10 and older can enjoy the game with the help of a parent/guardian. Please be aware that the game involves lots of walking.

What should I wear/bring to the event?

Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes and bring a hat and/or sunglasses, as well as a fully charged phone. You may also bring earphones to listen to audio segments (optional).

How do I book?

You can purchase tickets for the game here.

What’s the refund policy?

We’ll do our best to accommodate you and issue a refund if you haven’t started playing. Please email us at if you have to cancel the game you purchased.