Scavenger hunts based on the origins of Silicon Valley

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NEW! A Culinary Murder Mystery

There are several suspects in this murder and they've all left clues throughout the town's coffee shops and eateries. As you retrace their tracks, you will taste food and drinks, searching for evidence concealed in appetizers, desserts, menus, and other culinary hideaways.

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"We had a great time solving the clues - which were challenging enough to keep our engineers totally engaged. We thoroughly enjoyed solving the mystery, and seeing all the great computer history at the same time.  Highly recommended as a fun team building event!"

Judy, Head of HR @ DeepScale

"Bay Mystery were able to accommodate a large crowd (50+ people) on a short notice, and everyone had fun! The game was challenging and entertaining. Great team building activity!"

Iana, Engineering Manager @ VMware

"The scavenger hunt was an amazing experience. Being able to solve a mystery and learn about the evolution of computers was awesome!  Would book future events with this company again!"

Pearl V.

The Bay's brightest minds have tried to crack the case...

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