The Haunted Palace Escape - Sunnyvale / Mountain View / Your Location

About The Haunted Palace Escape: 
Eat, drink and be wary! Escape a majestic haunted palace with your group of friends as you sip wine at your favorite bar. You’ll compete in teams of 3-6 players, exploring the palace rooms and collecting codes to unlock the heavy golden doors. The Haunted Palace Escape is a team game where every player has a piece of the bigger puzzle. To successfully escape, players must collaborate and be in sync throughout the challenge. The team that escapes the palace in the shortest time and collects the most points - wins!

What makes this experience unique? 
The Haunted Palace Escape is not a traditional scavenger hunt, but an escape competition designed to enhance collaboration. The experience is full of diverse, intricate riddles that will test your mental abilities while socializing with your friends and coworkers over drinks and snacks. 

Unlike the traditional Bay Mystery scavenger hunts, this game is designed to be played anywhere you wish and is not tied to the history of a specific area. All the materials needed to immerse you in the faraway palace will be provided by your host at the bar or at a location of your choice. 

Where does the event take place? 
We run the Haunted Palace Escape at Faultline Brewing Company in Sunnyvale and Sports Page in Mountain View. Both venues have an outdoor patio where we can run the event. When you purchase your game tickets, you can indicate which of the two locations you prefer and we will make reservations for your team at the venue. Your game tickets will include one drink voucher for every participant. 

Faultline Bar

Sports Page Patio

If the venues above do not work for your team, we can also hold the event at any other selected location. Please see the below frequently asked question. 

Can the event be held at my location or at a different restaurant/bar?
Absolutely. The event can be held at the location of your choice, as long as it is within our service area. Please make sure that:

  • The location will be available to us for 2.5 uninterrupted hours. Please make reservations.
  • The place can accommodate all of the players. 
  • The venue owner is aware of the event. Players may not want to order a full meal while playing, but will probably be happy to order drinks and appetizers during the game. 
  • There are enough parking spots for all players and for the event host. 
  • The venue is within this service area.

What’s different due to Covid? 
We sanitize all event materials that are passed between teams. Mask requirements are determined by the venue where we host the event. In most cases, we hold the event outside and there is no mandatory mask requirement. However, please do bring masks in case there are any changes to this or in case you have to use the indoor facilities (the restroom or the indoor bar on days with non-accommodating weather). 

How many people can participate in the game?
10-60 players. Our minimum is 10 players, and the game can accommodate up to 60 players, or about 10 teams in total. Your group will split up into smaller teams of 3-6 players that will compete against each other throughout the game.

How long is the game? 
The whole experience takes about 2.5 hours. This includes an intro, an escape from the haunted palace and an announcement of the winning team at the end. 

What's the price of a private event? 
We charge on a per-person basis. Each ticket costs $60 and includes over two hours of a challenging escape and one drink voucher. If you choose to hold the event at a venue other than Faultline or Sports Page, you can buy the tickets without a drink voucher for $50 per person.

Is food included in this event?
No. Food is not included, but you can use your drink voucher to get a menu item like an appetizer for up to $10, tax included. You can also purchase food and drinks during or after the game. 

What days and times are available for private events? 
We usually recommend to start the escape at 2 pm (after lunch), on your preferred day of the week. We may be able to start a little earlier or later, but 2 pm is most convenient because the venues are less busy at that time. If you decide to hold the event at your location, we can also start in the morning.

Is the game appropriate for children? 
The game is challenging and designed for adults. Kids who are 11 and older (and like a challenge) can enjoy the experience with the help of a parent/guardian. 

What should we bring to the event?
You’ll need your smartphones for internet access (at least one phone per team) and your A game if you want to win. All other materials will be provided by your host. Food and drinks can be purchased during or after the event. 

Please also bring face masks in case you have to use the indoor facilities (the restroom or the indoor bar on days with non-accommodating weather). 

How do I book my private event? 
To book your escape experience, please fill out and submit this form. Once you decide on your preferred day, we will send you a private event link from which you can complete your reservation.

What is the refund policy?
When you purchase tickets, we hold a time slot for your team and start putting things into motion - printing materials and making reservations. For this reason, we cannot offer refunds.