The Great Chip Heist Mystery - Mountain View

About The Great Chip Heist Mystery:  

Some extremely valuable computer chips have mysteriously gone missing and you are tasked with shedding light on the case.  You'll work in teams of 3-5 players to investigate the evidence: a case briefing, suspect list, map and multiple clues. The clues and brain teasers connected to the museum’s exhibits will reveal information about the key suspects and their motives. The team with the most correct answers, identifying the culprit, their motive and how they carried out the crime - wins! After your adventure, use your admission ticket to explore more of the Computer History Museum and discover the roots of today’s internet, mobile devices and much, much more.

Where does the hunt take place? 

The scavenger hunt takes place at the Computer History Museum: 1401 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043. Please arrive at the museum 10 minutes before your game time to get signed in and receive your case briefings. Look out for your Bay Mystery host near the museum's main reception desk.

What’s different due to Covid?
To ensure your health and safety, the Computer History Museum has upgraded the HVAC system, increased janitorial services, and is following all California Department of Public Health and Cal/OSHA guidelines. 

The museum is no longer requiring proof of Covid vaccinations or masks.

How many people can participate in the game? 

6 to 60 players. Our minimum for weekday morning hunts (10-10:30 am start) is 6 players. For afternoon hunts (1-2:30 pm start) and weekend hunts, the minimum is 10 players.
Your group will split up into smaller teams of 3-5 players that will be competing against each other throughout the game.

How long is the game? 

The whole experience takes about 2.5 hours. Then, you can use your museum admission (included in your ticket) to explore the areas of the museum that aren’t covered in the scavenger hunt.

What's the price of a private/corporate hunt? 

We charge on a per-person basis. Each ticket costs $60 and includes over two hours of fun solving a mind-boggling mystery, and a full-day admission to the Computer History Museum. 

What if I already paid my museum admission? 

If you already purchased a museum admission ticket (through a museum membership, promotion, etc.), or prefer to purchase it yourself on the day of the event - you can get a scavenger hunt ticket that does not include museum admission for a reduced price. Enter promo code NO-ADMISSION for a $15 discount. 
Note that if you enter this code, you will be responsible for purchasing your own admission ticket to the museum. You will not be able to participate in the game without your museum admission.

What days and times are available for private hunts? 

When you book a private scavenger hunt, you can schedule it for any day when the museum is open at a time that’s convenient for you - either in the late morning or in the afternoon. On most days, the museum is open until 5 pm so we recommend to start the hunt no later than 2 pm to ensure that you have enough time to enjoy the game and explore the museum. In the summer, the museum is open until 9 pm on Fridays, so you can start your event later in the day.

Do you offer a catering service before or after the event?

Catered Too is a third party that offers catered meals at the museum. They are very flexible and can help you arrange anything from a continental breakfast, to appetizers, lunch, or desserts for your group. Additionally, several restaurants and bars are located within easy walking distance from the museum (1-3 minute walk). Many corporate teams choose to grab food and drinks at these venues before or after the hunt. We will be happy to provide venue recommendations or put you in touch with the museum's catering service. 

Does prior knowledge of Silicon Valley help? 

No. The scavenger hunt is inspired by Silicon Valley's history and folklore, but prior knowledge of the area will not help to solve the mystery.

I’m planning an event for families. Is the scavenger hunt appropriate for children? 

The scavenger hunt is challenging and designed for adults. Kids who are 11 and older can enjoy the game with the help of a parent/guardian. 

What should we wear/bring to the event? 

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. All materials will be provided by the Bay Mystery host.
The museum does not allow food or drinks in the exhibit area. However, there is a cafe in the museum’s lobby where you can purchase food and drinks. 

How do I book my private hunt?
To book your hunt, please
fill out and submit this form. Once you decide on your preferred day and time for the hunt, we will send you a private event link from which you can complete your reservation.

What is the refund policy?

When you purchase tickets for a scavenger hunt, we reserve a time slot for your team, and start planning the event - printing materials and purchasing admission tickets to the Computer History Museum. For this reason, we do not offer refunds.