A Culinary Murder Mystery - Palo Alto

Due to restaurant closure and limited operating hours, this experience is no longer live.


About the Culinary Murder Mystery

The year is 1927 in thriving Palo Alto. A peculiar murder happened in town last night and your police squad is tasked with identifying the evil culprit. You'll work in teams of 3-4 players to investigate the information: a victim bio, suspect list, clues, puzzle boxes, and of course - plenty of food! There are several suspects in this murder and they've all left clues throughout the town's eateries. As you retrace their tracks, you will taste food and drinks, searching for evidence concealed in appetizers, desserts, menus, and other culinary hideaways. The team with the most correct answers, identifying the culprit, their motive and how they carried out the crime - wins! 


How much food is included in this hunt? 

There are 10 different tastings of food and drinks from an array of cuisines included in the hunt. Be prepared to indulge your senses in a plethora of flavors from savory to sweet. Some tastings are served as a big portion for the team to share, while others are served as small, individual portions. Although there is a considerable amount of food in this hunt, it is not meant to be a meal replacement. We encourage you to have a light lunch before the hunt.  

Where does the hunt take place? 

The hunt starts at Lytton Plaza (right in front of Pizza My Heart - 220 University Ave) and continues through downtown Palo Alto, with various stops at restaurants on and around University Ave.  

How many people can participate in the game? 

10 to 50 players. Your group will split up into smaller teams of 3-4 players that will be competing against each other throughout the game.

How long is the game? 

The whole experience including the intro and debrief by your scavenger hunt host takes 2-2:30 hours. 

Is the hunt appropriate for vegetarians and vegans? 
There are 10 different food and drink tastings on the hunt, and a majority of them is appropriate for vegetarians. Most of the tastings are unfortunately not vegan. 

What's the price of a private/corporate hunt?

We charge on a per-person basis. Each ticket costs $95 and includes over two hours of fun solving a mind-boggling mystery, as well as 10 different food and drink tastings.  

What days and times are open for private hunts? 

Depending on availability, you can schedule your private hunt for any day of the week at 2:15 pm. 

Does prior knowledge of Silicon Valley help? 

No. The scavenger hunt is inspired by Silicon Valley's history and folklore, but prior knowledge of the area will not help to solve the mystery.

I’m planning an event for families. Is the scavenger hunt appropriate for children? 

The scavenger hunt is challenging and designed for adults. Kids who are 11 and older can enjoy the game with the help of a parent/guardian. 

Where should we park on the day of the event? 

The city of Palo Alto offers several 3-hour parking garages: High/Alma South Garage, Ramona/University Garage, Civic Center Garage, and Bryant/Lytton Garage. Please make sure that you park at one of these lots at or after 2 pm. 
Enforcement of parking regulations at these lots is conducted from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, so there should not be a problem if the game takes longer than expected or if you decide to stay in downtown Palo Alto after the hunt. 

What should we wear/bring to the event? 

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Bring a smartphone that can function as a digital map during the hunt. 
We encourage you to have a light lunch before the hunt so you have room for all the tastings during the game. 

How do I book my private hunt? 

To book your hunt, please fill out and submit this form. Once you decide on your preferred day for the event, we will send you a private event link from which you can complete your booking.

What is the refund policy?

When you purchase tickets for a scavenger hunt, we reserve a time slot for your team, and start planning the event - printing materials and placing orders with restaurants. For this reason, we do not offer refunds. 

What if there’s bad weather on the day of my event? 

Most of the hunt takes place outside and we want you to enjoy the experience. If it rains on the day of your event, we will allow you to reschedule the hunt for a different date.